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Tortellini Soup Post-Climbing Carb Boost

A lot of climbers want a high carb meal following a strenuous day of climbing.

Why? Carbohydrates fuel your muscles and brain and are used to provide energy during exercise. Excess carbohydrate in the system is stored in the liver as glycogen for use when fuel for exercise is needed later on. So, after a long, hard day of exercise with little food or carbohydrate intake, the body will need to replenish its stores of carbohydrate. Nothing like a big old bowl of pasta to take care of that!

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vegetarian tostada

Vegetarian Tostada & Homemade Refried Beans

I’ve had a few requests for vegetarian camping recipes. This is one of my favorites because it allows you to quickly make your own refried beans without lard, it’s filling, and you can use whatever fresh veggies (if any) that you have around. Give them a try. I know it’s on my list for the weekend!

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Spanish rice

What’s the real cost of the camp food you’re eating?

Before starting this blog I asked around for what people’s biggest gripes about camp cooking were. I received many varied responses, but one of the most frequent was cost. Understandably, cost can be a major concern for many climbers, especially those of us on long road trips or who are simply trying to cut costs. I am a graduate of a farm-to-table culinary program and have long held the notion that not only is it less costly from a dollars and cents perspective to eat whole foods, but also from a health cost. But, I have seen so many climbers open a box of some dried food mix, add it to a pot of water, and have a meal. It seemed like a good way to go on the cheap, so I decided to test this theory out by comparing Rice-a-Roni Spanish Rice mix, with my recipe for Spanish Rice. I wasn’t really sure which way this was going to end up and the results even surprised me.

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