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Fast & Easy Soba Salad

With hot weather arriving in many places (except for Colorado, it seems), it’s nice to have a simple, cool dinner or lunch. To prepare for the weekend, I made this soba noodle salad, which is very easy to make, is filling, and tastes so good. This recipe is a good lunch size for two, but I would double it if you want larger portions. It’s also really easy to make at camp, requiring very little cleanup.

soba salad

Apparently the edamame I added had sunk to the bottom of the bowl for this photo op!


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Good Camp Falafel Recipe (perfect meal for when my cook stove was stolen!)

We recently got to Rifle, paid for our camp site and placed our cook stove and water bottles on the table to let others know the site was taken. This task accomplished, we set off for the remainder of the day to climb. Upon our return to the campsite we were good and hungry and ready to cook dinner, but to our dismay, our stove and water were missing. Our neighbors told us that a very nice group of people set up a tent and partied for the day, apparently leaving with our stuff. Great. What to do? Being the wimpy camper that I am, I was put off for a bit, but then realized we could manage this just fine.

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