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My name is Sylvia. I am a 57 year old rock climber and chef. I have been climbing for over 20 years and have been I lifelong food aficionado. As long as I can remember I would spend any free time I had scouring cookbooks and planning meals that included things like fresh baked bread, homemade pasta, and homemade cheeses. At age 50 I had a mid-life crisis and decided to participate in a six-month long farm-to-table cooking school in Boulder, CO. From there, I went on to open and runĀ  a Fresh-Mex restaurant which I owned for about 5 years. Most recently, I have become certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

As for climbing, that is my other passion. I started climbing in NYS where my husband and I could always be found at the Gunks or in the Adirondacks. Our passion for climbing led us to move to Colorado where we enjoy a longer climbing season and can usually be found at Shelf Road or Rifle. Over the years we’ve traveled all around the globe, exploring climbing areas and food culture, satisfying both of my favorite curiosities.

Camp cooking quickly evolved as a great challenge to me in the quest to eat healthy in a camp cooking environment. I’ve noticed hungry climbers coming back from climbing all day, many times returning to camp in the dark and then throwing a pot of pasta and sauce on the stove. This is great, but I also know that climbers tend to love food and I thought to myself , “how boring and not necessarily nutritious”. Sure it fills the hole, but don’t climbers need food that is healthy, easy, and provides good energy for recuperation and more climbing?

It’s that question which brings me here with this blog. I’ve realized over the years that not only is healthy, quick food a concern for climbers, but so are clean-up, cooking in adverse conditions, cooking with a limited budget, and food storage, among a myriad of other things. Through this blog I am hoping to provide climbers to better options for their camp-cooking woes.



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